Hello and welcome!

As my three year old would say, “I so happy to see you!”

I am Stephanie Stevens (you can call me Steph though. Stephanie has always sounded so formal to me). I started Guiding Your Munchkins to share my talents and knowledge with others. I believe that parents and kids can learn and grow together. No special skills or tools needed. Just a desire to want to be better everyday.


5 things you will find at Guiding Your Munchkins


    • Are you tired from hearing from “experts”? I want my site to be a safe place where parents can discuss anything. Our awesome and not so awesome moments. We all have great ideas and unique perspectives. Let’s build off of that and learn and grow from each other.

Real life experiences

    • I despise when people are fake or try to portray to be different than how they really are. I promise to always be genuine and not add any fluff. What I show and tell you is real. I will share my struggles in motherhood and solutions I find. I will share my parenting wins. I love reading articles on learning, children, and parenting. When I come across something I find useful, I will share it with you so you too can benefit.


    • We all could use some fresh ideas from time to time. I love sharing activities that are good for the whole family, are inexpensive or free, quick to put together, fun, and will make your munchkins think.

New ideas

    • I am believer in learning. I think everyone benefits when you are striving to be better and learn new things. If there is something you don’t like change it.  You don’t have to follow the status quo. Don’t like a certain way to discipline? Education system? Parenting techniques? There is always different ways to do things. I hope to share with you a variety of these ways to help you find what fits both you and your child’s personality.


    • Parenting is difficult. Sometimes it comes to you naturally and sometimes not. You are not a failure. No one has it all figured out (not even the “experts”). You are the exact parent your munchkin needs. No one else can do what you can for them. You’ve got this!



About me

I am the mother of two munchkins, Spencer (3) and Brynlee (1), and wife to Garrett.


I enjoy:

  • The outdoors- walks, hikes, parks, camping, swimming, exploring, all of it. I spend as much time outside as I can playing and going on adventures. Adventure is out there! (Name that movie. It’s my favorite. ;))
  • Learning new things- cooking, DIY, crafts, unschooling, healthy living. I like to question the norm and discover what I really want and like. I am not afraid to be different and share with people the things I am learning along the way.
  • Embracing the nerd- superhero shows and movies, fantasy books, sci-fi movies, and playing board games are all a go to Friday night activity for me.

My background:

  • I have a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Utah.
  • I am a former preschool teacher turned unschooler mom. I taught preschool for 6 years before becoming a mommy. While I loved my students and I loved helping them, there was always some things that didn’t sit right with me about traditional schooling. I have since discovered unschooling and LOVE it. It is exactly what I was always looking for in education.


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