Hello and welcome!

I’m Steph.

I help parents simplify, connect, and enjoy life with their children. Through my honest approach to simple, mindful, and connected parenting you will have the tools to go from chaos to bliss, franticness to ease, clutter to simplicity.

I’m on a mission to prove that life as a family can be awesome while also just being simple. I’m not some mommy blogger or soccer mom here to tell you I’ve solved the secrets of the universe (or even that I’ve figured out how to keep the dishes from piling up in the sink).

Instead, I share my honest, to the point, candid, reality of parenting.


I’m a mom with two young kids, so that’s what I know best, and I talk a lot about parenting. But really the things I talk about can work for all types of families – parents, grandparents, caretakers, anyone who thinks their life can benefit from less commotion and more living in the moment.

I want to be real with you, and I welcome anyone who’s willing to be real as we share how we make our lives awesome for ourselves and our families without subscribing to the hype and hysteria that our modern consumeristic world pushes on us.

I know the struggles parents face.

Experts, family, friends, neighbors, that darn judgmental soccer mom have all told you all the things you should and shouldn’t do. And it all seems to contradict each other.

It gets confusing.

We are told that we have to do more, bigger things. We have to cram in as much as we can every day. But guess what? They’re wrong.

I want to help people who feel totally trapped in the rush of each day to break the cycle. Do you want to create a life for your kids where they aren’t forced to grow up too fast, where they’re allowed and encouraged to just be kids, to stomp in the puddles, to lay and look at the clouds, to have a slow, purposeful, meaningful connection and life?

I welcome you.



  • Why less in life actually leads to a more filling, enjoyable life.
  • Real, purposeful connections with your children are easier to make when you are less burdened with stuff.

Child Development-

  • Understanding why your kids behave/do something helps you to have more compassion, patience, and connection with them.
  • Simple, fun, easy to do activities to help your child through different milestones/stages.


  • My journey to becoming a more peaceful, connected, mindful, present, simple mom.
  • My journey to overcoming and stopping past family cycles.

Family Life-

  • Our homeschooling journey.
  • Family activities, routines, and traditions.

All my posts are short and to the point, because I want to make your life simpler, not more frantic. I get right to the good stuff and I’m not going to waste your time.


I was a live-in nanny for 3 years while going to college where I got first hand exposure to raising little kids and the challenges that parents face.

I taught preschool for 6 years before becoming a mom myself. Teaching gave me perspective on universal parenting struggles and also what activities/toys will keep children engaged and what just adds to the clutter.

I have a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. My primary focus was on child development which just means I have some insights into the quirks of how a kid thinks and why.

But most importantly, in my opinion, I am a mom who is on a mission to become a more mindful, present, patient mother.

I am on a mission to prove that raising a family doesn’t have to be a burden, that you can find peace and joy in family life, that you can get out of survival mode and thrive as a parent.

I am wife to Garrett and mom to Spencer (4) and Brynlee (2).

Being born and raised in Utah created a deep love for the outdoors. The mountains feel like home to me and the happiest place on earth is most definitely Lake Powell. Hiking, camping, skiing, swimming, boating. I LOVE it all.

We recently moved to Massachusetts which was greatly outside of my comfort zone. But I have fallen in love with the beach (I really want to be a mermaid) and quite enjoy weekend visits to the city.



Join me on my journey to become a more relaxed, engaged, confident, present parent

I try to stay active on social media but sometimes #momlife happens and I forget or just don’t want to. However, when I do post I keep it relevant and to the point.

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