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Today’s activity is finger painting! I know a lot of parents are hesitant to let their children finger paint because of all the mess it makes. I get it! But I also know how much these little munchkins learn from getting to explore this way. Let me show you how to make this be fun for both of you.


Here is the link for the finger paint recipe I used. I really liked this recipe because it was edible which took out the worry of Spencer eating it. Weird thing, for the first time ever he did not put any paint in his mouth! That never happens. 😉
I printed off a few pictures of Spencer’s favorite animals and then let him choose what one to paint. I just Googled the images so you really can choose whatever your child likes.

While he was painting we talked about which color he was using. We also discussed where the elephant’s head and feet were as well as what he was feeling (smooth, slimy, cold). 

Finger painting allows kids to explore and experiment. When you talk with them about what’s happening you are building their language, they are gaining listening skills, they get to experiment with cause and effect (using different items to paint, what happens when you splatter versus stroke).

This really was such a fun thing to do with Spencer. It kept him entertained for about 30 minutes. When his picture dried we hung it up on the fridge. This is an important step because it shows your children that you care and value them and their accomplishments.
I did make a little mistake with this activity. After making the paint I put it into condiment cups and then in the fridge to cool. I left them in there for too long and the paint turned to the consistency of pudding. This worked well for when Spencer was using his fingers but not so great when he tried to use the tools (paintbrush, Q tip, cotton ball) I set out for him. Next time I make this paint I am going to skip putting it in the fridge and allow it to cool on the counter. Maybe that will work better.
Over all, this activity was well worth the few minutes prep I took. To witness the excitement and enthusiasm coming from my little munchkin made this be an enjoyable time for both of us! What tricks have you learned while getting messy with your munchkin?

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