How to PLAY WITH your Baby like a Rockstar!

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When we first had our son, my husband had all sorts of questions for me. One question he asked was, “How do I play with him? I don’t know what to do!” This really surprised me because it was something that I just thought everyone knew. I was really confused as to why he didn’t understand how to play with our baby. He wanted to play with him but legitimately did not know what to do with a newborn. After talking with other parents I realized that this is something that many parents struggle with.
I promise, playing with a newborn is not as scary as you may think!
It really is easy and simple to do once you know some tricks to help you become a newborn playing ROCK STAR!

When playing with a baby from birth to 3 months all you need to remember is E.A.R.


Be very expressive with your face when you are playing with your newborn. I know this can sometimes be difficult because they don’t always respond to your expressions. But trust me, this makes a huge difference! Give them smiles, make silly, faces, be dramatic. They will be more interested in looking at you when you are giving them something fun to look at.


Guess what? Babies get bored too! Give them some stimulation by giving them things to do. This could be as simple as looking at trees and plants or pictures. Show them black and white pictures, allow them to feel different textures, make noises (not too loud or it will scare them and over stimulate). Move toys back and forth slowly for them to track. Set up a mirror during tummy time to allow them to see their reflection. Read books to them!

Here are some of my favorites for babies.


Play Mat
Textured Fish
Lots of textures
4 small black and white books


 If you are tense and worried while playing with your baby, they will feel that. Take a minute to relax before playing. This should be an enjoyable time for both of you! When you are tense you are more likely to get flustered with your baby and miss an opportunity to bond with them.

I promise that if you follow these 3 simple steps you will be confident in your ability to play with your newborn. So, now I want to know what other things do you do to play with your newborn?

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