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Wahoo for SUMMER! This is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is warm, people go outside, and there are tons of FREE activities to do. All winter long I feel cooped up and bored. Once spring hits I am outside every day. I know that some new parents struggle with finding activities to do now that they have a little munchkin in tow. So today is all about how you can get out and enjoy the weather no matter how old your munchkin is. (Oh and did I mention that this is completely FREE? Bonus!)

Water play is fun for munchkins of all ages. Heck, it is even fun for adults. My absolute favorite water activity to do with Spencer is going to the splash pad. I am blessed to live in an area that has an abundance of free community splash pads. It is hot here in Utah and I love free stuff so we are at the splash pad every week in the summer.

Most parents just see places like these as a chance to let the kids play and get a little break. But did you know that your child is actually learning a ton when they play with water? It’s true! And the best part? Kids have no idea that they are actually learning. They just think, “This is totally awesome!”

Water play helps promote the following areas of development:
  • Physical
  • Social & emotional
  • Language
  • Creative

While playing with water your child is able to explore and learn in a fun way. Math concepts such as more and less, heavy and light, and balance are all being discovered. Children are able to explore problem solving skills and coordination. All of this is being taught in way that is fun and engaging. You can start doing water activities with your child even when they are a baby. 

Here is a list of 60 splash pads all throughout Utah. Utah Splash Pads. If you are not in Utah you can still search for splash pads in your area. You could also create your own “splash pad” in your backyard.  (That would be such a fun family night activity!)

What other activities do you do with your munchkins in the summer?

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