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Want to know my secret of how I keep my little munchkin entertained for days? Surprise! You most likely have everything you need to do this super easy, cheap, and quick activity. 
  • Paper towel tube
  • Assorted pom poms
  • Tape
  • Container or bowl
That’s it folks and I promise this will entertain your 12-24 month old for several days! All I did was tape the paper towel tube to a wall then put the pom poms in a bowl and let Spencer go at it. I showed him that he could drop the pom poms down the tube. He was so excited! The first day I had it out he spent a good 25 minutes doing it. I pulled it out every few days while I was doing dishes. It seriously saved my life. Instead of wanting to pull all the dishes out the dishwasher, Spencer was completely entertained with this activity.

This activity is not only a good way to get entertain your toddler while you clean but it also is teaching them valuable skills. It is increasing their fine motor skills and is helping them learn colors and sort. While I was cleaning I would tell Spencer what color of pom pom he was using. When it was time to clean it up I would help him find all the pom poms of a certain color to put away. That made cleaning a fun game for him.
If you have older kids you could easily adapt this activity for them. Collect or find more items to make a track and use marbles or pom poms. Something like this 
So there you go. A simple, easy, and cheap activity to entertain all of your little munchkins!

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