The Perfect 5 minute Activity to Get Your Kids Moving

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I LOVE the spring time. The weather is warming up, plants start to grow, and people start going outside again. However, the last few days it has been raining here in Utah. My little munchkin was getting restless being inside so I needed to think of something quick to help him get his energy out.

We started by going to the library. Spencer loves going there because of the toys they have in the children’s section. He sits at a little table that is perfect for him and plays while I grab some books to take home. (Before you think that I leave him by himself let me clarify. I grab books from shelves that are right next to the table he is playing at. That way I can see him at all times. J ) While we were there I saw a super fun looking CD. It is Bean Bag and Ball Play from Michael Plunkett. As soon as I saw it I knew that this was going to be a perfect activity for us to get the wiggles out with.

He loves playing with these magnet toys at the library!

For our activity I chose to use the song “Freeze Ball”. The only supplies you need for this are the CD and a ball. We played with a blue ball because that is the color I have been teaching to Spencer. As the music started playing, I told Spencer to pick up his blue ball. We then just followed the instructions on the music. We rolled, shook, and threw the ball. There were also times that we were told to freeze. When this happened I would make a big deal about staying still and not moving. Spencer thought it was hilarious.

This was a great activity to keep him entertained and moving. Even after the song was done Spencer just kept playing and dancing to the other songs. He did this for a good 15 minutes. What was even better was the skills that he was able to practice during this time. We were able to reinforce color, following instructions, and some gross motor skills.  Plus, we got some great bonding time. I was dancing, rolling, shaking, and throwing as well. This helped to show my munchkin that it is ok to be silly and have fun. It also reinforced the fact that he is important and what he likes is important too. I was able to show him that he is valued and loved.

The songs on this particular CD were all fantastic. Any one of them would be great to get kids moving. All the songs are upbeat, make you want to dance and move, and they have simple instructions. I did need to adapt some of the instructions for my munchkin because he is just a toddler. But no adaptation is necessary for preschoolers.

By the end he decided that stomping on the balls was the coolest thing ever! He would stomp on the ball and then laugh and laugh. Such a comedian 🙂 
So there you go. A simple and free way to get your kids moving and active when they can’t go outside. This only takes 5 minutes to set up and do. Trust me, you are going to want to do this with your kids. It is that fun and entertaining!

What activities do you do to get your munchkins moving

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