Why You NEED to Read to Your Kids

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Ever have the problem of getting your child to enjoy reading? Statistics show that the older children get, the more likely they are to not enjoy reading. It is a common problem many parents face but did you know that there is a simple thing you can do to fix that? The answer is… read WITH them.

When children are in Kindergarten almost all of them will say that they are interested in books and reading. By the time kids are in 4th grade only half of them will report that they are interested in books and reading. This continues to drop as they get older. Why is there such a huge drop in interest as kids get older? The answer might surprise you. It is because parents stop reading with their children as they learn to read. So Steph, you’re telling me that my child loses interest in reading because I no longer read with them? Yup! You can keep your child’s interest in reading simply by continuing to read with them. It’s true!
When you read books with your children you:
·         Grow language and comprehension skills
·         Build bonds and show your child you love and value them
·         Get to explore new topics, people, places, and beliefs together
·         Have the opportunity to talk about difficult topics
·         Get to be silly and fun
·         Keep the love of learning alive
Start reading with your child when they are newborns and continue as they grow. Don’t ever stop! Some of my favorite books to read with my munchkins are:
Elephant and Piggie
Giraffes Can’t Dance
I’m a Dirty Dinosaur
Oh the Thinks You Can Think
Stephanie’s Ponytail
Harry Potter
Peter Pan
A Wrinkle in Time


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Finding time to read together can be difficult sometimes but I promise that it will be worth it. Find books that you both enjoy and set up a time every week to snuggle up and read together. Trust me, it will all be worth it and your munchkin will thank you when they are older.
What books are you going to read with your munchkins this week?






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